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101 IN 1001 DAYS VOL. 1

101 IN 1001 DAYS VOL. 1

Back during my City Meets Southern days (which seems like foreverrrrrr ago), I used to do a post called 101 in 1001 Days that was started by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling. For those who don’t know, this post is basically a drawn out bucket list of 101 things you’d like to complete in 1001 days.

In all actuality, I haven’t really been a fan of “bucket lists” or new years resolutions because I never stick to them, and then I get stressed. This is why I’ve always loved Mackenzie’s 101 in 1001 because it’s realistic and attainable. You have almost 3 years to complete what you set out to do, and you can tackle it at your own pace. I love setting goals because it always gives you something to look forward to and something to work towards. So…without further ado, here’s my 101 in 1001 list!

Starts: October 20, 2018

Ends: July 17, 2021

(This will be weeks before my 26th birthday …BONKERS)

Travel (0/19)

  1. Get my passport

  2. Take an extended weekend trip to Scottsdale with my mom

  3. Visit Savannah

  4. Go to Paris

  5. Visit Los Angeles

  6. Head back to Cedar Point

  7. Go on a fall trip to Vermont

  8. Go on a solo trip to Palm Springs

  9. Visit Charleston, South Carolina

  10. Go to a NYFW Show

  11. Visit Seattle

  12. Go back to visit Louisville

  13. Spend a few days wine tasting in Napa Valley

  14. Spend another weekend in Nashville

  15. Go back to Texas for a week

  16. Go to New Orleans


  18. Visit Moab, Utah

  19. Girls trip to Las Vegas

Career & Blog (0/17)

  1. Be promoted to a senior level social media position

  2. Post more travel content

  3. Better understand and master my target audience

  4. Have a job in the food, beauty, fashion or retail space

  5. Do more brand collaborations

  6. Film a makeup tutorial

  7. Continue the interview series on my blog

  8. Have contributors for The D-Code

  9. Intern part-time at a full-service Interior Design firm or with an established designer

  10. Create a logo for my blog

  11. Purchase a new camera lens

  12. Do an IG Live without being afraid

  13. Start my MBA or Master’s degree program specializing in marketing and social media strategy

  14. Grow my consulting/freelance network

  15. Start a business

  16. Film a “haul” video

  17. Speak on a panel about blogging, content creation or social media

Financial (0/7)

  1. Pay off a significant amount of my student loan debt

  2. Continue to save for my dream house/condo (goal is to buy at 30)

  3. Increase payments into my 401k

  4. Hire a financial advisor

  5. Be in a place where I can save a whole paycheck

  6. Make smarter investments

  7. Develop an additional stream of income.

Personal Development (0/14)

  1. Attend SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas

  2. Visit the Facebook or Google Headquarters in Sillicon Valley

  3. Mentor a young, up-and-coming social media professional

  4. Get mentored by a seasoned social media professional

  5. Attend another Create & Cultivate Conference

  6. Get on the board of a non-profit that helps minorities

  7. Become more involved in local political organizations

  8. Volunteer for a non-profit that works to take care of veterans

  9. Attend Social Media Week Chicago

  10. Attend Social Media Week LA

  11. Complete my Hubspot social media strategy certification

  12. Go back to College of DuPage and speak to college students about interning and breaking into marketing

  13. Look into other marketing certifications

  14. Learn a new skill

Spiritual/Church Life (0/13)

  1. Serve on a team at City Church Chicago

  2. Join another Life Group

  3. Become more involved at City Church Chicago

  4. Lead a Life Group

  5. Read from my bible everyday

  6. Attend Hillsong Conference

  7. Attend Vous Conference

  8. Attend Woman Evolve Conference

  9. Visit Elevation Church

  10. Visit Hillsong NYC

  11. Visit Potter’s House at One LA

  12. Visit Potter’s House Dallas

  13. Go to a worship concert (Hillsong, Elevation, Bethel, etc.)

Personal (0/31)

  1. Spend a month overseas

  2. Go on an unforgettable birthday trip

  3. Spend a day exploring the Art Institute of Chicago by myself

  4. Go to a Cubs game

  5. Go to a Bears game

  6. Go to a Bulls game

  7. Go to a Blackhawks game

  8. Go on a Chicago Architecture tour

  9. Get a dog

  10. See Rihanna in concert

  11. Tour an old slave plantation

  12. Get my eyebrows micro-bladed

  13. Hire a personal trainer

  14. Go to a SoulCycle class

  15. Go horseback riding

  16. Commit to working out 3 times per week

  17. Become fluent in a foreign language (probably French and Spanish)

  18. Take a cooking class

  19. Upgrade my car to an SUV

  20. Go back to school and get my interior design certification

  21. Become a freelance makeup artist

  22. Take a boxing class

  23. Read 30 new books

  24. Go back to RPM Steak

  25. Go see a broadway show

  26. Take my mom on her dream vacation

  27. Attend the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Chicago

  28. Have a staycation downtown in Chicago

  29. Go Skydiving

  30. Attend Fright Fest at Six Flags

  31. Commit to cooking at least 2 meals at home every week